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Openstack vlan based flat neutron network provider

at one of my projects I was been asked to set up a private cloud for a validation platform. The whole idea behind this proof of concept is based on the flexibility to spin up and down certain instances providing some specific functionality so tests banks can be ran against them.

pcsd limitations in EL7

The High Availability stack shipped with CentOS/RHEL 7.1 comes with a daemon
called pcsd that provides a web UI to manage a clusters. You can reach
it at https://hostname:2224/.

I gave it a try and here is the list of limitations I have found so far:

Puppet 4 types and best practices

I have given a talk last week for the Belgian Puppet User Group about Puppet 4
and I would like to post here some practices I want to share with you, in
order to have the cleanest Puppet code.

This can apply to all your local modules (not with the one you share with
Puppet 3 users).


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