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2014 vs 2015 interest in Open Source Configuration Management

A couple of people asked me to results of the survey of the 2015 vs 2014 Configuration Management Camp room interrests.

This is a bunch of 350 last year and 420 people telling us what tools they are interested in so we can map the right roomsizes to the communities.

2014 :


Rsnapshot backup

Some weeks ago I removed some files on my system I wish I didn't cause I still needed them.

Since I use some encrypted containers in dropbox I figured I could recover them from this nifty service. But in the logs of dropbox those files are obviously also encrypted. So that was a no go.

Using PHP5.4 on Centos 6.6 with SCL

The Software Collections ( SCL ) Repository is a blessing for people wanting to use more recent versions of popular system software like Python, PHP or Ruby.

I've given it a try by updating a virtual machine running an Owncloud instance with PHP 5.3.3.

First up I enabled the SCL repository (for your convenience I left out the part related to using your own repository management system).

Plugin Discovery Using Entry Points

I'm of the belief that just about anyone should have the right to expand on the
functionality of a FLOSS tool, but I'm also really particular about code style,
so I'd rather not deal with a ton of pull requests. I'm a difficulty person.

With this in mind, a short while ago I was looking for ways to provide users
with the ability to create modules which my tool could then load in at runtime.


In this article I'll try to describe how I use vagrant in my daily tasks as an operations dude as well as I deployed it at one of our customers to help the developers focusing on the coding part rather than the operations part.


Since the beginning of my career at inuits I'm using vagrant almost everyday. If I got payed every time I spin up a box I could have bought that tesla already some years ago! But unfortunately I'm not :)


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